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Our Jacksonville hearing aids have hearing care professionals that are here to help you improve your hearing.We will help you find the right hearing solutions! Want to find out more about how we can help you?

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Hearing Aids Jacksonville Fl

Thank you for visiting Hearing Aids Jacksonville Fl. When you choose us, you are choosing a company that cares about your hearing health. We know that trying to navigate the world of hearing aids can be intimidating. There are so many hearing aid brands. How do you choose? Let us help you along on your hearing health journey!

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About Jacksonville Hearing Aids

At Jacksonville hearing aids, we don’t just offer hearing aids. We provide you with a range of services.

Our goal is to help you with the many aspects of hearing loss.We want to provide you with the best care based on your needs. Not only do we offer a variety of hearing aid styles and brands, we also repair hearing aids, help you find low cost hearing aids if you need to stay within a budget, provide hearing protection, manage ear wax, and program hearing devices, and provide hearing tests near me. We listen to your concerns and then determine what you need by providing you with the latest technology and finding the right hearing device that fits your individual lifestyle needs. We have been serving the community of Jacksonville for many years.

Our patients stay with us because they know that they are part of our family. We want you to be satisfied with your visit and look forward to working with you. Don’t wait to live your best life. Get back into social gatherings and conversations. Hear what you’ve been missing!

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Why Choose Hearing Aids Jacksonville Fl

We know that you will find our team at Jacksonville hearing aids to be some of the best in our area. Our professionals will help you find the best hearing devices and technology to fit your lifestyle. We pride ourselves on developing long term relationships with our patients.

The many reasons to visit our office include:

  • We care about you
  • We educate you on the many causes of hearing loss
  • We teach you about the signs of hearing loss
  • Explain the different types of hearing loss
  • We help you know which hearing aids are best for you
  • Explain the different types of hearing aids
  • Recommend the best hearing aids for your loss
  • 30 day satisfaction guarantee

We are a locally owned practice that has served Jacksonville for many years. We are invested in our local community and have been changing our patients lives by giving them the best possible care. We love our patients and their families.

Whether you need help with your current hearing devices, or are having trouble hearing and understanding those around you, or need other services, please call us! Our hearing aid dispenser is ready to help you get back on the road to better hearing again!

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What To Expect

At Jacksonville hearing aids, we want you to be satisfied with your entire visit. We have a knowledgeable, well trained team ready to help answer all of your questions regarding your hearing care needs.

Our patients choose us because they know that when they walk in our doors, we make sure to pay attention to their every need. We greet you with a friendly smile and listen to and answer all of your questions. We teach and guide you about all the aspects of hearing loss and hearing aids.

When you come in for your appointment, we will consult with you about your concerns. We will give you a hearing test and then go over your audiogram. Your audiogram will help us know what type of hearing loss you have. We can determine if you need hearing aids and what kind will work for your loss. We will talk about your budget and lifestyle. Maybe you want a hearing aid with all the bells and whistles. Maybe you have a quiet lifestyle and don’t need a lot of technology.

After we order your hearing aids, we will schedule a time for you to come back and try on your new hearing devices. We will program them to your loss and make sure that you leave with them sounding how you like. We always make a follow up appointment to have you come in for any adjustments that you might need.

Hearing Aid Styles

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Hearing Aids Jacksonville Fl Services

We offer an array of services at our Jacksonville hearing center. We can help you with your existing hearing devices or provide a comprehensive hearing test and consultation with our qualified hearing aid specialist or audiologist. Here is a list of our services:

Best Hearing Aids

If you have read any hearing aid reviews and want to know about what you’ve read, or wonder how much hearing aids cost, we can help you. We work with many different hearing aid brands and keep up to date on the latest technology. Hearing aids come in many styles and sizes.

We will help you select a style by considering your budget, lifestyle, listening needs, dexterity, and degree of hearing loss.

Hearing Loss

There are many causes of hearing loss. As we get older, we can lose some hearing. Prescription medications can affect hearing as well as prolonged exposure to loud noises. It’s important to treat hearing loss so that you can improve your ability to hear in social settings and talk with others around you. Wearing hearing aids helps you to interact with co-workers, family, and friends. Our hearing aid audiologist can help you determine if you have hearing loss and discuss the different treatment options. ‌‌

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We are able to service most brands of hearing devices. If your hearing aids Jacksonville are out of warranty, we can repair them at a small cost. If we can’t repair it in our office, we will send it to the manufacturer for repair.

We can loan you a hearing aid to use while your hearing device is out for repair.‌‌‌ Call our audiologist near me today!

Cleaning and Earwax Removal

Earwax is a good thing because it protects the tissues inside of our ears. It also keeps dirt and debris from getting into our ear canals. But excess earwax can cause some discomfort, especially if it is impacted. It is important to have your impacted wax professionally removed. Our hearing aid doctor can help determine if you need wax removed. We also clean and service your hearing aids to keep them working correctly. ‌

Hearing Test and Consultation

A hearing evaluation will help us determine the extent and type of hearing loss you have. You will be given a variety of tests by our hearing specialist near me to help us know at which level you can detect and understand speech. After your test, we will know which type of hearing aids are best for your loss. We take into consideration the shape and size of your ear canals. We also talk about your budget and lifestyle. All these will help us decide what hearing aids are best for you.

Hearing Aid Programming

We program your hearing aids with accuracy to meet your exact hearing needs. When hearing aids are adjusted and fitted correctly, they work very well.

Our hearing aid programmer will make sure that you leave our office with the best sounding hearing aids. We can also program your existing hearing aids to amplify the frequencies that you are struggling to hear.

Customer Testimonials

When searching for hearing aids near me, I found Jacksonville hearing aids. Their audiologist Jacksonville helped me find a hearing aid that I could afford. I had a great experience.‌

justin h

The hearing specialist Jacksonville Fl was so helpful and answered all my concerns. I felt well taken care of from the minute I walked in the door. Thank you!

michelle n

My audiologist Jacksonville Fl was so good to work with. I always felt that I was important when I was there. They treated me kindly and did such a great job with my hearing aid repair Jacksonville fl

jason p

About Jacksonville Florida

Jax, as the city is known by locals, is the largest city in the sunshine state of Florida. It has over 900,000 in population. You can enjoy 22 miles of beaches,world class fishing, historic neighborhoods, museums, and coastal cuisine. Jacksonville Beach is the most popular surfing, swimming, sunbathing, fishing and boating beach in Jacksonville.

Jacksonville has three US naval facilities. If you’re a football fan, It is home to the Jacksonville Jaguars NFL team. It is also home to the largest urban park system in the nation, with 10 state and national parks.

The local economy includes services such as banking, insurance, healthcare and logistics.

The cities that surround Jacksonville include:

  • St Augustine, Fl
  • Orange Park, Fl
  • Atlantic Beach, Fl
  • Lakeside, FL
  • Jacksonville Beach, Fl
  • Palm Valley, Fl
  • Fernandina Beach, Fl
  • And many other areas

Frequently Asked Questions

How much are hearing aids?

It depends on the type of hearing device you purchase. There are different technologies and styles.The price range varies from person to person.

Are hearing aids covered by insurance?

Coverages vary by state and individual insurance plans. You should check with your insurance provider to see if you have any coverage

Which types of hearing aids are best?

You need to consider your type of hearing loss, lifestyle, shape of your ear. This will help us decide which style, like behind-the-ear (BTE) or in-the-ear (ITE) would be the best fit for you.

Can I try out a hearing aid before I buy it?

Most hearing aid stores near me offer a trial of 30 days to wear your hearing aids. Some offices may have hearing aids to rent for your trial period.

What if I don’t like how my hearing aids sound?

You may have problems with feedback, whistling or wind noise. You can have an improper fitting or your hearing aids aren’t programmed correctly. If you aren’t happy with the sound of your hearing aids, you should call your audiologist Jacksonville Fl for a visit.

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When you are looking for hearing aids near me, look no further than Hearing Aids Jacksonville Fl. We have been helping enhance the quality of life for our community for many years.We are invested in our local neighborhood and we will give you the best hearing care. We are focused on helping you to have the best experience toward better hearing. Your success is our top priority.

We spend time working with each individual and focus on how we can help you hear better in your lifestyle. We know how important it is to stay connected to your family and friends.

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Hearing Aids Jacksonville Fl

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